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Gallery of Handmade Fairies by Aingeal Rose

The making of these fairies was a direct desire from the Fairy Kingdom itself. They asked me if I would make them, and impress into each one of them a unique meaning or thought intention.

Too many of us underestimate the power of this very REAL Kingdom of Fairy. It is a realm that works very closely with the forces of Nature as well as the realms between Earth and Spirit. To befriend this Kingdom is to have a very powerful and magical ally.

They are designed to instill belief, magic, connection to Nature, dazzle, elegance, innocence, and whimsy. Some are made to order for specific manifesting purposes such as Prosperity Fairies, Relationship Fairies, New Home Blessing Fairies, Spiritual Guidance Fairies, Joy Fairies, Career Fairies, Inspiration Fairies, etc. Those who purchase manifesting fairy figurines achieve their desires very quickly!

Aingeal Rose’s hand-made fairies make the perfect anytime gift – order yours now by clicking on the buy links, by phone or email. The fairies range in price from $25 up (18.50)+P&P. To avoid disappointment, order now in good time. Remember, if they are marked sold above, I can make one similar, but each one is unique and will have special characteristics just for you.

For those of you who have purchased a fairy, you will have a bright spot of light in your home as well as those who will be receiving them as a gift. I regret I do not have more of a selection at this time, but each one takes many hours, sometimes days to make. Still, I will be happy to do any special order fairy for any occasion. If you need it for say, the Christmas Season, you need to order it now to be assured you have it in time.

Marissa 2.jpgMarissa 1.jpgBrooke's Fairy 3.jpgBrooke's Fairy 2.jpgBrooke's Fairy 1.jpgThe Wedding Fairy.jpgThe Ice Maiden.jpgMadeleine the Acorn Fairy.jpgEcstasy.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-21.jpgMiranda.jpgRhoswen 1.jpgRhoswen 2.jpgVictoria.jpgLady Lavender 1.jpgLady Lavender 2.jpgTansi.jpgXmas Fairy -9.jpgThe Sea Maiden 2.jpgThe Sea Maiden 1.jpgMab.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-6.jpgEmily.jpgPenelope 2.jpgPenelope 1.jpgArinna 2.jpgArinna 1.jpgBea.jpgYoko 2.jpgYoko 1.jpgGladys-face-detail.jpgGladys-frontview.jpgGladys-leftview.jpgGladys-rightview.jpgSundance 1.jpgSundance 2.jpgClaire 1.jpgClaire 2.jpgHanako 1.jpgHanako 2.jpgNevaeh 1.jpgNevaeh 2.jpgFontelle.jpgCoillte.jpgLilwen.jpgMakayla.jpgAisling.jpgFairy Grandmother 2.jpgFairy Grandmother 1.jpgBelle.jpgStardust.jpgAimi.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-22.jpgShelly and Simon.jpgChie 2.jpgChie 1.jpgGwendoline.jpgRathun.jpgMuriel.jpgJewel 1.jpgJewel 2.jpgJewel 3.jpgSoilse.jpgHappy Birthday Darling 2.jpgHappy Birthday Darling 1.jpgPierre.jpgLucielle 1.jpgLucielle 2.jpgHeather the Harvest Fairy.jpgShaile.jpgDriodor.jpgDancing in Avalon 1.jpgThe Snow Queen.jpgLady Blue.jpgRose 1.jpgMia.jpgCoventina 1.jpgCoventina 2.jpgNerida 2.jpgNerida 1.jpgUna.jpgHeart Blossom.jpgXmas Fairy -5.jpgAika.jpgPaige.jpgGabriella.jpgRoisin.jpgSerendipity.jpgLovinda 1.jpgJennyver.jpgEve.jpgElwin.jpgOlivia 1.jpgOlivia 2.jpgJimmy Stardust.jpgBronagh and friends.jpgOilill 1.jpgTrulia 1.jpgTrulia 2.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-5.jpgMorgan 1.jpgMorgan 2.jpgRowena.jpgFaerydae 1.jpgFaerydae 2.jpgFira on her Bench.jpgEolande.jpgCloey.jpgWakanda.jpgFion 1.jpgFion 2.jpgMeriwether 1.jpgMeriwether 2.jpgAdrie 3.jpgAdrie 1.jpgFarraige 1.jpgFarraige 2.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-19.jpgEmerald.jpgMorganza 1.jpgMorganza 2.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-12.jpgLayla.jpgPrincess Gid.jpgXmas Fairy -7.jpgXmas Fairy -6.jpgJoliet and Ein 1.jpgZoe 2.jpgTristan.jpgTristan and his Harvest Goose.jpgCelebrating the Harvest.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-11.jpgFawn 1.jpgFawn 2.jpgArthur 1.jpgArthur 2.jpgJocelyn.jpgThe Pumpkin Cottage of Lanee.jpgLooking in the Pumpkin Cottage of Lanee.jpgLanee sitting atop her Cottage.jpgAurnia 2.jpgDruedain.jpgSuzette 1.jpgSuzette 3.jpgFairy bench.jpgQueen and King Fairy Chairs.jpgFairy Table 2.jpgMedium and Baby Fairy Chairs.jpgThe House of Fairy Lefay 1.jpgThe House of Fairy Lefay 2.jpgLooking Inside the House of Fairy Lefay 1.jpgLooking Inside the House of Fairy Lefay 2.jpgThe House of Fairy Lefay 3.jpgFay and Pete 2.jpgFay and Pete 1.jpgThe Christmas Cottage 1.jpgLoading the Gift Lift at the Christmas Cottage.jpgShilo The Fairy Elf.jpgAugust The Fairy Elf.jpgSantas Surprise.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-4.jpgSusanna.jpgBosley.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-20.jpgBrenna and the Swan Fairy 2.jpgBrenna and the Swan Fairy 1.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-17.jpgFairies-in-Emerald-Lotus-18.jpgSweet Holly.jpgTheodore 1.jpgXmas Fairy -3.jpgXmas Fairies -1.jpgLucinda.jpgFairy Display 1.jpgNaas.jpgFairy Display 2.jpgFairy Display 3.jpgGlendalough Fair 2.jpgGlendalough Fair 1.jpgXmas Fairy -10.jpg
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