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The Solar Plexus, Pulsing and the Negative Agenda was timely information from the Akashic Records last week.

  1. Our inner child is in our solar plexus and holds the memory of our soul contract.
  2. Our solar plexus is connected to the Earth grid around the planet.
  3. The Negative Agenda (NA) uses our solar plexus network to instill fear.
  4. The Solar Plexus is where artificial food (GMO) is digested, causing disturbances in other organs.
  5. The pancreas, spleen and liver are affected through disturbances in the Solar Plexus.
  6. Many natural disasters are manifested through our Solar Plexus.
  7. Negative symbolic and subliminal messages break down our biology by weakening our auric system.
  8. Being pulsed by low frequency messages causes low thoughts such as suicide and fear thoughts, fear of survival thoughts and depressed states of mind.
  9. Keeping the Solar Plexus energetically clean is now a priority.
  10. The NA focus’ on weakening our Solar Plexus to keep us out of our hearts.
  11. The NA desire is to keep us enslaved.
  12. The good news is, the time of the NA is fast coming to an end.
  13. Ascension runs in tandem with the NA – this is the time of change.
  14. Low-frequency pulses and EM energies deplete and artificialize our human biology.
  15. It is time to be eating lighter foods, taking in more prana and strengthening our immune system.
  16. Water has different etheric levels.
  17. The biology of the reptilian is different from that of the human.
  18. Reptilian’s have been living alongside humans for many eons.
  19. Sophisticated pulsing is incorporated into computers and television to negatively affect our nerve network.
  20. Much pulsing is coming from overtones above the Earth.
  21. Treating people in their wholeness is the key to building resistance to pulsing.
  22. Potentized forgiveness is the heart-level key to resisting illness from low-frequency EMFs.
  23. Any level of education is beneficial for humanity.
  24. We have higher parts of ourselves that now have permission to merge with us.
  25. We must work with people on an all-person basis rather than treating individual symptoms.
  26. The effects of solar flares will continue for some time.

Check my website for last weeks radio show about Environmental Toxins and Chemtrails etc with Naturopath Anthony Hughes from Dublin. It will be posted online tonight.

Aingeal Rose

Posted on Aug 27, 2012
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